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Magically helpful for almost any condition you can imagine...Introducing the latest technology that brings you Nano-enhanced liposomal Delivery of organic NonGMO Hemp Oil with 0.02% THC (100x below federal limits of 0.3%). Non-psychoactive and Legal in all 50 states. Fast-acting 100% assimilable and 6-10x stronger than anything else on the market.

Drinking, Bathing, Healing, Chemical-free Cleaning

Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal and Emotional

For the best topical analgesic and pain relief! Contains menthol to soothe your pain and a nice light peppermint scent that smells divine. By Corganics. Rivals the effectiveness of doTERRA's Deep Blue Rub at a lower cost!

Nature’s Pain Medicine for Inflammation

To Combat the Pervasive “Neck-i-demic” Pain

Connect to the Healing Powers of Earth’s Energy

Custom Paintings by Liz Angeles

How I Conceived and Delivered Naturally – a Home Birth Memoir

ITOVI Wellness Scanner can help you determine which essential oils your body can use at this particular time. I am now offering your first scan for free and a custom blend at a low price. You can also order your own personal scanner by clicking below!

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