Relieve Stress and Find Peace

Relieve Stress and Find Peace

Schedule your Swedish massage in Santa Monica, CA

Dealing with stress this week? Want to find some reprieve with a nice massage? A Swedish massage is always a great option for stress relief – whether this is your first massage or simply your latest.

A Swedish massage is the most common type of massage. It involves combining soft, long strokes with soft, tapping strokes. Mixed in-between are kneading strokes (rolling strokes) where muscles are worked on as if one were kneading dough.

What are Swedish massages good for?

A Swedish massage can do wonders for you and your body. Just What You Knead provides Swedish massages in Santa Monica, CA. After one massage, you will feel:

Less stressed

More flexible

Less tense

Overall, you’ll feel relaxed and full of energy. At Just What You Knead, our massage therapists will provide you with the ultimate relief. You will be draped in a soft flannel sheet, and you’ll receive a massage with cream or oil. No more neck and back pain. No more tense muscles. Simply a more relaxed and energized version of you. View our rates below.


30-minute Swedish massage: $80.00

60-minute Swedish massage: $150.00

90-minute Swedish massage: $200.00