Dive Deep for Your Health and Wellness

Schedule a deep tissue massage in Santa Monica, CA

Has it been a while since your last massage? Are you dealing with stiffness and stress that feels like it lies deep in your bones? Deep tissue massages are a perfect way to address aches and pains and improve your overall health and wellness. At Just What You Knead, we offer deep tissue massages in Santa Monica, California. Schedule an appointment for your massage today and see how much of a difference it can make in your life. 

Live without general aches and pains

At Just What You Knead, we are dedicated to your health and wellness. We will create a custom treatment plan to address your tired, achy muscles. Soon, you’ll see how much a deep tissue massage can help you with your overall wellness – helping you flush toxins and feel better so you can take on the day.

Want to schedule a massage? View our rates below.

30-minute deep tissue in-call massage $85.00
60-minute deep tissue in-call massage $150.00
90-minute deep tissue in-call massage $200.00
60-minute deep tissue out-call massage $175.00
90-minute deep tissue out-call massage $225.00

Take care of that “knot” in your back. Alleviate the pain and stress you’ve been carrying all week. Discuss your unique needs with one of our massage therapists today.