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About Liz Angeles

Liz Angeles is a 25-year veteran in massage therapy, initially inducted into the world of healing in Las Vegas in 1988, subsequently relocating to Santa Monica, where she continued her studies at the California Healing Arts College.  There she became certified and licensed, and her practice thrived in Los Angeles, primarily on the west side, working in both private residences and in the most prestigious hotels, including the Four Seasons, Hotel Bel Air, Beverly Hilton, Century Plaza, Park Hyatt, and the L’Ermitage.  Liz returned to Las Vegas in 2003, expanding her practice in elite locations as the Wynn, The Hotel, Four Seasons, MGM, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, and the Venetian.   
    Liz finally returned to Santa Monica in the summer of 2007.  Liz has been trained in Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage and over the years has studied and learned several other methods and innovative techniques, cleverly combining them all to provide an unforgettable experience. Add to that training her intuition and natural gift of touch, and you have what she calls a “Vicarious” Massage; the massage she would give to herself, if only she could!    The latest addition to her bag of tricks is HOT STONE MASSAGE which honestly takes "Heaven" to a whole other level! Liz has been Certified by Southern California Health Institute in North Hollywood. 

Undoubtedly, you are sure to appreciate the level of expertise in her specialty:
A Deeply Relaxing and Thoroughly Soothing Swedish Massage.  Past clients include high-profile celebrities, blue collar workers, busy professionals, pregnant women, children, and even animals.  
    "I love to work the muscles to the edge, where they almost hurt, but not to the point of pain, which may well be counterproductive to the healing benefits of complete and total relaxation." 
     When not massaging, Liz is a busy mom of a beautiful girl, a devout yogi, and enjoys painting, decorating, traveling, shopping, spa days, sushi, organic cuisine, comedies, plays, concerts, hiking, biking, dancing, and entertaining her dearest friends.

Celebrity Massage Clients   

  - Al and Tipper Gore -
- Sir Ben Kingsley -
- Tupac Shakur -
- Don King -
- Rob Reiner -
- Chris Farley -
- David Spade -
- Linda Ronstadt -
- Donald Fagen -
- Bobby Brown -
- Elizabeth Berkley -
- Anthony Michael Hall -
- Esai Morales -
- Josh Charles -
- Jonathan Schaech -
- Rob Morrow -
- Phyllis George -
- Bob Saget -
- Steve Guttenberg -
- Tom Bergeron -
- Sharif Abdul Rahim -
- Chris Mullin -
- Steve Atwater -
- Chris Claiborne -
- Joe Buck Jr. -

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